What’s New at MANAS (June 2008)

History and Politics, under “Current Affairs”:

  1. Reading Nandigram through the ‘Hindu’
  2. The Ajmer Bomb Blast
  3. Snakes, Ladders, and Indian Billionaires
  4. The Dalai Lama’s Laugh
  5. Musharraf’s Lincoln, Bush’s Musharraf
  6. India’s Problem with Toilets (with some thoughts on Stalin, Tanizaki, and Gandhi)
  7. The Courage of Bilkis Bano
  8. Pakistan: A Select Political Chronology, 1947-2008

History and Politics, under “Gandhi”:

  1. Modi, the Mahatma, and Mendacity
  2. The Tavistock Square Gandhi

History & Politics, under “Independent India”:

  1. Democracy and the Indian Polity: A Brief Research Note

History & Politics, under “British India”

  1. Udham Singh: Avenger of the Amritsar Massacre
  2. Udham Singh in Popular Memory
  3. The Tragedy of Komagata Maru
  4. Agrarian Unrest: Deccan Riots of 1875

Culture Pages, under “Cinema”:

  1. Bimal Roy
  2. Do Bigha Zameen

Diaspora Pages:

  1. Jindal & America
  2. Gulf Indians & Hierarchies of the NRI

Religions Page, under “Paths”:

  1. Hinduism in Modern India
  2. Hinduism in Modern India [PDF file]

Social Issues/Realities:

  1. The Love Ballad of Rehman and Todi

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